The Best Food Processors

Deciding which Braun food processor is perfect for the household would depend on a number of things. Firstly, the size or the capacity of the model should be based on the cooking lifestyle of the homeowner. For instance, if fresh food is rarely prepared in the kitchen, then it might not be a good idea to invest on a bulky and high capacity food processor. Since plethora of food processors in India available, Selecting the top quality food processors is a very difficult task.

At the same time, if the homeowner is quite active in the kitchen, then it would be more practical to stick to those with a bigger capacity. This would be more economical in the sense that there would be no need to do more batches to come up with the quantity needed. The size of the family and how often they have guests over at the house is also an important consideration when deciding on the load limit of the food processor.

A Braun food processor is quite versatile. It can handle varied processing jobs that are common in the kitchen. Although most of these tasks can be done manually, this appliance would make it a lot simpler. Utilizing one at home would encourage people to spend more time whipping up something in the kitchen.

In the long run, it also encourages people to live a healthier lifestyle because aside from preparing fresh foods more often, they are also bound to use more vegetables and fruits in their recipes. The mentioned ingredients often take time in getting sliced, minced and chopped so others people skip recipes that have them.

Mixing and blending is also done conveniently with the use of Braun food processor. Surprisingly, these models can also be used for kneading jobs. Such food processor can be able to knead up to 1.5 kilo gram of cake dough.

That would be quite a treat for homeowners who fancy making bread and pasta from scratch. Gone are the days when people have to exert so much effort just so they can prepare delights in their own kitchen. With the heavy work passed on to a food processor, the homemaker can focus on other important aspects of cooking.

Food processors can also be used for chopping, slicing and mincing different kinds of food items including meat, fish, vegetables and fruits. The speed rate of the blades used for these processing jobs can be controlled so people do not have to worry about overdoing it. This is precisely what sets a food processor from a blender. The lid and the sealed bowl of a Braun food processor are also practical because it prevents leakage that makes the work area cleaner and more manageable.

There is also a clear work bowl for the Braun food processor that can be bought separately. It is universal so it would fit in any of the available models Braun has. A clear work bowl is recommended because it gives the homeowner a clear view of the food items inside the processor. This would allow people to control the speed of the blade for their preferred consistency or size of the slices of the food items being prepared.

Cuisinart Blender/Food Processor

A top name in kitchen appliance, Cuisinart has earned a lot of respect from consumers for their many innovative kitchen appliances. Cuisinart has introduced many products that have changed kitchens across the country. One of the latest products is the Cuisinart BFP-703CH Blender/Food Processor which combines two common appliance in one for convenience and function.

Product Features

The Cuisinart BFP-703CH Blender/Food Processor is a combination unit designed to save time and space. The food processor has a 3 cup capacity and the glass blender jar holds 40 ounces. The product is easy to use with a 7 speed touch pad control that has indicator lights. It comes with 1 standard blade and 1 slicing and shredding disc.

This product can handle any major food processing or blending need. It is designed for efficient operation without becoming unbalanced or moving as it works. The blender has a dripless pour spout to make serving easy and mess free. The processor and the blender share one base and easily switch in and out. The lids fit tightly and the unit features heavy blades that can handle even the toughest tasks. The unit is mostly dishwasher safe and is completely easy to clean.


The main disadvantage mentioned about this product is the small size of the food processor. It is not as large as you would get if you bought just a food processing unit. However, most consumers were still pleased with how powerful it is and said that it compares nicely to the full sized versions. There is also a concern about the durability of the product. This is due to a defect in the unit which is under review by Cuisinart and should be fixed in newer models.


The BFP-703CH Blender/Food Processor is a good choice if you use both a blender and food processor often. The easily interchangeable units allow you to get a dual use from this product. You can tackle any tough blender or food processing job and get the results you want since this product has incredible power. An overall review of the product is that this is a wonderful, compact, yet powerful unit that will meet your expectations from blending ice into a frozen drink to shredding potatoes for hash browns.

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