Wonder Washer for Your Small Living Space

The WONDER WASHER is a breakthrough in washing machine technology. It is a marvelous invention that will definitely make your life more comfortable in any apartment location and any square footage of living space in the world. Here are the things that you should know about this WONDER WASHER.

This washer is sold at a very cheap price included with shipping. With the cost at $69.99, no wonder a lot of people bought this machine. It is a bargain price with a lot of things to offer.  It is well worth the money you invest in it. Its portability and small size allows the user to bring it almost anywhere and use it. There is no place it cannot go to and work its magic with your clothes. It also has no plumbing so it has no problems with getting clogged.  You only need to fill it with water then you are all set. The weight of this machine is around 9lbs and can hold a workload of 7kg. It can handle any type of clothing for you so it will be most advantageous for you. Checkout top 10 front loading washing machines in India here.

There are some things that you should consider before you use this washing machine. First, if you want to have a machine that will look classy, this is not the one for you. It is made from plastic so it will not look s classy as a regular sized washing machine. There is no drain in the machine so you need to manually drain the contents after every wash.  The top lid is also not that secure so keeping it shut is not easy especially if you have too many clothes to wash. There is a step by step process that you need to follow in order to get the washing machine to work for you. If you do not follow it properly, you will make a great mess of things.


  1. Cheap price
  2. Portable and small size allows for use anywhere.
  3. No plumbing in the machine thus there are no problems with clogging.
  4. Lightweight and able to handle large loads of clothing.
  5. Can handle any type of clothing.


  1. Lacks elegance and may sometimes look weak in structure.
  2. No drain so it requires manual handling to drain the water in the wash.
  3. Lacks grips on lid to keep it in place during wash.
  4. Easily spills water if filled to the top.
  5. Needs a rigid step by step process in order to work properly.

The Laundry Pod Portable Hand Powered Washing Machine

Do you live in a small living quarters with a considerable amount of clothes to wash? There is a solution to that problem and it is THE LAUNDRY POD PORTABLE HAND POWERED WASHING MACHINE. This machine has helped a lot of people take care of their laundry within the small confines of their homes and you should have it too.

The design of this wonderful machine is wrapped around the idea that you will need to have a washer that can fit in a small amount of space. This machine is compact and lightweight that you can just take it out when you need to use it and store it away after use. It is also perfect for use when you go camping or someplace where you may need to wash your own clothes.

The directions to use this machine are very simple. You just fill it with a small amount of water, add a small amount of detergent and you are good to go. There is no need for electricity with this machine so you don’t need to increase your electric bills.

It will be able to withstand some tough laundry challenges. There are times when you will need to wash many loads of clothing. This machine can withstand multiple washes in a day and still produce the desired cleanliness you want to have in your washed clothing.

There are some drawbacks to this machine. First, it cannot wash large clothing. It can only afford to clean small to medium sized clothing. If there are too many clothing inside the machine, it may damage the machine entirely. Another thing is that the materials used for the construction of the machine are doubtful. True, it may be able to withstand multiple washings but for some, the product had plastic everywhere after usage. Lastly, this machine requires you to manually operate it. If you are not fit enough to do so, then you may not be able to utilize the machine to its fullest potential.


  1. Design is ergonomic thus making it useful in maximizing your living space.
  2. Able to be used anywhere as it does not require electricity to function.
  3. Able to handle multiple wash loads.


  1. It cannot wash large clothing. It can only support small and medium sized clothing.
  2. Materials that are used to build this machine are doubtful.
  3. It requires tremendous effort to operate and if you are not physically able to do so, the machine will be a waste.

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