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Types of Treadmills

There are many types of treadmills in the market and it can be quite confusing for the treadmill buy to understand the difference between the commercial treadmill, the commercial grade treadmill the manual and home treadmill. In the next paragraph I will explain in detail what is the commercial treadmill and the commercial grade treadmill. Recommended cheap commercial treadmills on discount can be found with proform and workoutwarehouse. With so many treadmills brands in India there in the market, selecting the top grade treadmills is an extremely tough task.

Commercial Treadmill
The Commercial Treadmill is a treadmill that is built for intensive use. They are fitted for environments such as the gym, hotel’s fitness centres to accommodate with the various users. As the different users may use the equipment with varying degrees of care, commercial treadmills are fixed with higher grade components so that the unit can withstand harsher use. These treadmills are larger, heavier, and have treadbelts that are 4 ply instead of 2 ply. The commercial treadmills cost more then the home treadmills because of their higher grade components. They from as low as $3000 to $5000 depending on brand and cheap discounts on commercial treadmills.

Commercial Grade treadmill

In the recent years, we have been seeing the phrase commercial grade treadmill more frequently. This is because the treadmill manufacturers have decided to expand their product range to cater to treadmill buyers that require a higher quality treadmill for home use. The fitness equipment manufacturers combined the durability of the commercial treadmills with the compactness of the home treadmill thus resulting in what we see today, the commercial grade treadmill. Some commercial grade treadmills that I recommend can be found at workoutwarehouse.

Buying treadmill for Health Clubs

Although more treadmills call themselves commercial grade, this does not in any way mean that it is suitable for use in fitness centers. Commercial grade just means that some of its components are of higher grade. It can be used for commercial gyms but they are mainly manufactured for home gym use. Thus a proper commercial treadmill is advised. In my opinion, members of health clubs do look at the brand of the fitness equipments that you use.

Small Portable Treadmills

You’ve been wanting to tone up your body and lose some weight at the same time. Finally you have decided to get yourself a treadmill to achieve your fitness goals. However there is only one problem. You live in a apartment and have little space to work with. This is a problem that many urban dwellers face when they are staying in a small apartment. Not to worry. What you will need is to look for a small portable treadmill that is not only small is size but also quiet and portable.

Small portable treadmills are not difficult to find. In fact there are many to be found online and you can easily check out their specifications and reviews to compare which treadmill suites you better. There are a number of brands that sells small portable treadmills. Some popular ones are the Weslo, the Proform, Nordictrack and the Bowflex. When looking for a small treadmill, you must first decide on the type of treadmill that you want. Do you prefer a folding portable treadmill or non-folding treadmills(non portable)? If you require your treadmill to be portable then it will definitely have to be a fold-up treadmill.

A fold up treadmill will definitely save you all the space that you need. Simply fold it and roll the treadmill under the bed and you’re done. Getting a fold up small portable treadmill will be a great start for novice runners.

On the other hand if you want to get a small treadmill that is non foldable, you should take note of the length of the running deck. The running deck would give you an indication of the space that it would be taking up in your apartment. Usually 18 inches by 50 inches is comfortable for people looking for just a small treadmill. Anything smaller would create discomfort in running.

Non fold up treadmills provide better stability when running as the base of the fold up treadmill may become less stable after multiple times of running. In addition, non-foldup treadmills will offer a quieter experience which would be suitable for people looking for small quiet treadmills. The only downside would be that it would be less portable and convenient to move around.

Used Treadmill For Sale

Used treadmills can usually be found at garage sales and second hand shops. If you are lucky you may even find a decent one on ebay for below a hundred dollars. But you need to be aware that second hand sellers usually need you to bear the shipping cost yourself and you have no guarantee over the quality of the used treadmill that is for sale. I would recommend one to buy a cheap brand new treadmill then a second hand one

Things to beware of for Used Treadmills

• How long have the Used treadmill been in use
• Has repairs been made to the treadmill before
• Is the treadmill still under warranty
• What is the working condition of the Used treadmill
• Who last owned the treadmill (frequent user?)
• How much is the shipping cost

One main concern with getting a Used treadmill would be, are you able to verify whether the treadmill is operating well? Unless the seller is your personal friend, it is often difficult to ascertain that you are getting the best treadmill for your money. Quality cheap Treadmills are rare with second hand equipment.

Another issue to consider is whether it is better to get a brand new treadmill instead. Treadmills cost little from as low as $199 . These low priced treadmills usually come with warranty and free shipping too .

Assuming that you are able to find a used treadmill selling near your apartment that you think will do for your fitness workouts, you would still have to transport the treadmill back to your home by yourself! In the event, you would still have to incur other transportation cost to bring the fitness equipment home. Imagine the hassle! Rather than searching for a used treadmill for sale why not get a brand new treadmill for a similar price.

All in all, getting a used treadmill is not recommended even if the used treadmill is on sale.

Smoke Air Purifiers

However, for majority of homes and offices, eliminating the source of smoke and odor is not as easy as it sounds. The next most sensible and practical thing to do is to purchase an air purifier for smoke.

This will ensure that the amount of smoke and odor will be significantly decreased. Moreover, it will also reduce the incidence of second hand smoke that has been established as a health hazard, especially for children. It is therefore important to learn about air purifiers in order to get the right product for your needs. If you are looking for good quality air purifiers, then you may find top 10 air purifiers in India here.

How does it work?

It has been rightfully established that tobacco smoking as well as the smoke that results from it is disastrous to one’s health. This is especially true for those who suffer from asthma and allergy for example.

The statistics, scientific findings, and medical researches all reveal that tobacco smoke is dangerous for both the smoker and the ones that inhale it. In this context, it is extremely important to understand which air purifiers are effective in removing smoke from your environment.

Even if there is just one smoker in the home, the entire residence becomes susceptible to the side effects. One of the results of tobacco smoking is poor air quality. To be able to find the right type of air purifier for smoke, it must be capable of removing the following pollutants:

Particles. In terms of air purifier for smoke, this is the smoke that is visible to you and should be the easiest to filter. There are undoubtedly a wide variety of these pollutants because of the number of chemicals that are found in the conventional cigarette. The amounts of these pollutants are normally measured in microns or a thousand of a millimeter due to its microscopic size.

Chemical gases. You have to understand that the smoke that you can see is not necessarily the same smoke that you can smell. This means that aside from the particle component of tobacco, the air purifier for smoke must also be capable of removing chemical gases from the burning tobacco.

Essentially, you have to consider that there are more than 4,000 chemicals that have been associated with tobacco smoking. These particles are dangerous to your airways, tissues and lungs, and they pose an additional danger.

If your air purifier for smoke can adequately filter out particles and chemical gases, then you can be assured that it can help clean and clear the air you breathe in your home.

Why should the Air Purifier concentrate on these Smoke Components?

There are particular reasons why an air purifier for smoke is successful in removing particle components as well as chemical toxins. Basically, although the particle components are limited primarily to your airways, the chemical toxins can pass your lung tissues and eventually make it to your bloodstream. When this happens, there is an increased probability that nicotine will be delivered to your brain.

Air purifiers need to eliminate particles and chemical gases completely; otherwise these components can be a threat to your health. Once these components enter your bloodstream, the toxins can freely pass through every organ and tissue in your body.

Exposure to tobacco smoke negatively impacts all bodily functions making the effects systemic. Any exposure to tobacco smoke contributes to the deterioration of health, even among second hand smokers.

The Choice of Air Purifier

Now that you have a clear idea of what an air purifier can do, you can start looking for a brand that delivers quality air purifier models. With the wide variety of choices that you have on the market, the sad reality is that not all of them are capable of eliminating chemical toxins and particles from a smoking environment.

This is why you must be educated on the capabilities of purifying systems to make sure that you are getting the right kind of air purifier for smoke in your home, office, or shop.

Air purifier technologies are combined to make them more effective in eliminating the components of tobacco smoke. Air purifiers should include the following technologies:

HEPA filters • Activated carbon

Each of these features has their own sets of benefits and disadvantages. This is why one of the best solutions for air purifier for smoke is to find systems that incorporate a combination of these innovative features. This might be the only way to ensure that you can adequately deal with the harmful effects of tobacco smoke.

Preserve your health and your family’s health and make your money count by choosing the right type of air purifier for smoke.

Filterless Air Purifier

If you have read my other reports like”do ionic air purifiers work?”you already know what I am talking about with this particularsubject. Not in every case are we dealing with a ionic ozone air purifier because usually there is a pre-filter with all air purifiers and air cleaners that use ozone for air purification. Having an air purifier with no filter is a great thing when it comes to cost savings and usability, but not everything is as good as it seems.

A general a filterless air purifier uses ionic technology to charge particles in the incoming air and trap them on the collector blades that are right after them. In theory, this is great way to catch things that are super small in size without expensive air filters. Unfortunately,problems do happen when you do this method. I will list theseissues below because they are very important for you to know.

Ionic Air Purifier Reviews

  • Creation of Ozone
  • Overfilling of Collector Blades
  • Snapping and Zapping Sound
  • Slow Air Filtration

Creation of Ozone

Even the best ionic air purifiers will create some ozone because of the way they are created. The amounts may or may notbe miniscule, but you will have to do your research to find out if this is true or not. Of course, if you are not aroundwhen it does happen then you might as well have an air ionizer ozonepurifier that does it on purpose to get rid of smellsand odors.

Overfilling of Collector Blades

Newer ionic ozone air purifiers have led lights now thatare supposed to warn you when your collector blades aregetting full. They don’t exactly work as good as youthink you do.

When your collector blades do get full,and they do very quickly (2-3 weeks) all charged particlesand dust will fly right back in the room without youknowing it. Well you will notice the air is not as goodas it was, which may tip you off.

Snapping and Zapping Sound

Once your filterless air purifier starts running for a week or two you may notice that you start hearing soundscoming from it that sound pretty weird. Hopefully, theydidn’t wake you up in the middle of the night. These sounds are from the collector blades filling up and theystart well before it starts getting full, which is reallyannoying to say the least.

Slow Air Filtration

Today, you may or may not get good air flow. In the past thesesystems ran off of the natural airflow in your house, which wasprobably non-existant. That is one reason reviews were bad for their claims because if you don’t get air to go through it thenit cannot do any air purification.

They all know that a fan isneeded now to some extent to get anywhere near the air purificationof other air purifiers. After this the only thing you have toworry about it noise because everybody hates fan noise.